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Workflow Applications

A Workflow App Tool for Your Enterprise Business

A workflow application is a software tool that automates repetitive business processes. These tools route data along a predetermined path and collect information until the item within the process is complete.

Workflow application platforms facilitate business success by making it easier for users to examine crucial points of access (POAs) and business information while saving time and money. At eTag Technologies, we offer innovative workflow application software that connects all your business’s applications, tools and software under a single secure environment. 

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Customize Your Flow

Workflow application tools enable companies to automate their workflows with advanced customization. Due to their process personalization features, workflow app tools allow organizations to streamline several applications, such as:

  • Employee onboarding: You can use workflow applications to optimize your employee onboarding process and ultimately improve the experience for new employees. With smoother, structured onboarding procedures, you can increase employee retention.
  • Approvals: With workflow application software, you can eliminate the time and tediousness associated with manual approvals.
  • Content sharing: Workflow applications make content marketing easier and more efficient than ever, taking the hassle and complexity out of data sharing.

Automate Your Workflow Applications

eTag Fuse® is our cutting-edge workflow application software designed to accelerate workflows using a complete suite of innovative solutions. When faced with a growing landscape of applications, data and systems, our platform helps businesses manage information and streamline business processes to improve employee experience, workplace culture and engagement.

When you use eTag Fuse®, you can configure your company’s workflows to achieve all of the following actions:

Our specialized software collects information and improves communication through the Fuse Feedback and Help Center. With this solution, you can instruct your workflows to send notifications via email or text message to alert you of any problems or changes.


Move Past Manual Workflows

When you replace manual workflows with process automation, you’ll experience many significant advantages. That’s because workflow application tools deliver many crucial functions for business success, such as:

  • Enterprise automation: Manual workflow management is time-consuming and error-prone. Workflow automation removes the hassle of performing repetitive tasks by improving process efficiency control and minimizing mistakes.
  • Heightened security: It’s critical that your workflows safeguard against unauthorized individuals’ access. Our software is equipped with many security features to keep your data safe, such as multifactor authentication, identity access management and single sign-on. 
  • Increased productivity: Finding and managing information has become a complicated process that significantly impacts productivity. eTag Fuse makes information identification and management faster and easier than ever, helping businesses increase productivity. 
  • Streamline information flow: The information flow affects decision quality and timeliness. With workflow applications, you can ensure that you get the data you need when you need it. 

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