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Digital Orchestration

Digital Orchestration Platform

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Digital orchestration involves automating a series of individual tasks to function together as a single process or workflow. This process plays a key role in digital transformation, or the complete digitization of a business. 

While digital transformation is a key component of business success, it can create a high volume of moving parts that companies must manage to prevent bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Data orchestration helps organizations maintain platform stability and improve performance.

You can secure a high-quality digital orchestration platform for your company at eTag Technologies. Our innovative web-based software is designed to connect all business tools, software and applications underneath a single location.

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A Comprehensive Platform for Your Organization

Take your organization into the digital age with our innovative platform’s workflow automation and orchestration capabilities. eTag Fuse® includes various cutting-edge solutions designed to integrate your business applications with your workflows to increase efficiency across your enterprise.

When you use our state-of-the-art software, you can expect to:

  • Improve productivity: eTag Fuse® simplifies digital environments, enabling faster software application integration and more reliable task completion. 
  • Enhance workplace culture: By promoting smoother workflows, our platform facilitates team collaboration and elevates company culture through greater functionality.  
  • Boost engagement: The eTag Fuse® software is highly accessible, helping your employees achieve their goals and further your organization’s mission.  

What Is a Digital Orchestration Platform?

Digital orchestration goes a step above automation by combining application security, user experience, and process management, combined together eTag Fuse offers a unique, tightly integrated solution.

With platform orchestration you can optimize the following operations for your business:

Build a cloud-based pipeline that combines, automates and coordinates aspects of deployments, quality assurance and development.

Optimize interactions between various processes and workloads on public, private or hybrid clouds.

Deploy, execute and manage configurations across your entire infrastructure.


Working Hand-in-Hand With Your Automation

Data orchestration works seamlessly with automation by streamlining processes. Service orchestration platforms are the next step in automation, helping businesses introduce more comprehensive and scalable automation levels across various business processes, including:

  • Workflows across multiple applications
  • Network services
  • Business processes for domain-specific workflows
  • APIs
  • Data management and analytics
  • Manual IT processes
  • Hybrid cloud workloads
  • Microservices
  • Software as a service (Saas)
  • IT service management tasks

Digital orchestration platforms also supplement and expand upon DevOps automation tools’ capabilities, resulting in faster and more efficient software development and delivery. These solutions multiply the practices established by DevOps, helping to optimize a wide range of business processes.

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Perform Seamless Platform Orchestration With eTag Technologies

You can streamline data orchestration in your facility with software from eTag Technologies. We’re proud to offer a highly secure digital environment that helps companies streamline processes while saving time and money.

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