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Integrations Platform

Enterprise Application Integration Platform

Integration platforms are fundamental in supporting and simplifying data and application integration. With application integration platforms, businesses can automate their processes and share data across applications. When you leverage integration platform technologies for your organization, you can increase process visibility, accuracy and speed while minimizing manual processes.

Optimize your workflows and create seamless digital experiences with streamlined digital integration solutions from eTag Technologies. Our software enables businesses to connect all their applications, tools and software under one highly secure environment, saving them time and money.  

Integration platforms standardize application and data integrations, facilitating business process automation and data sharing across applications. Integration platforms enable users to implement projects into their organizations using cloud and on-premises endpoints. To make these endpoints work together, integration platforms develop, deploy, execute, monitor and manage integration workflows between several endpoints. 

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Key Integration Platform Features

Application integration platforms include a wide range of innovative features that optimize data sharing and integration. Some capabilities you can achieve with an integration platform include:

You can scale your technologies based on your business’s changing demands. This scalability is ideal for managing data volume increases and accommodating new technologies.

Integration platforms comprise user-friendly interfaces to simplify configuration and accelerate implementation while eliminating manual coding.

Integration platforms create, maintain and govern your integrations throughout their life cycles and automate data exchange between applications and data sources.

Application integration platforms have developer tools that personalize your integration flows.

Only authorized users will be permitted to access your company’s data with an integration platform.


Simplify Your Workflows With Integrations

With digital integration solutions, you can expedite workflows and accelerate business process development. Investing in an integration platform for your organization yields the following benefits:

  • Deliver faster experiences: Integration platforms allow you to orchestrate complex business processes and develop real-time, event-driven integrations. You can create and deliver speedier business experiences.
  • Transform business operation: With an integration platform, you can easily connect software as a service (SaaS) applications to on-premise systems and each other, enabling you to transform business functions. 
  • Migrate to on-premise software: Experience real-time integrations by migrating to on-premise software to streamline your business processes.

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