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Health Care Integration Solutions


You can accelerate workflows across the care continuum with health care data integration software. Integration platforms connect and standardize different technologies, applications and systems to promote efficient process automation and data sharing on-premise or within the cloud. With health care software integration, you can adhere to value-based care standards while compiling clinical information in a single, secure environment. 

At eTag Technologies, we offer a health care integration platform to transform your organization’s digital landscape. With our solutions, you can increase productivity while minimizing resources, saving you time and money.

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Modernized Solutions for All Medical Systems

Better practices lead to better patient care. That’s why it’s vital to implement more efficient, up-to-date health care systems — especially in light of recent changes in the industry.

eTag Fuse® serves as a new and improved health care integration solution that increases productivity and streamlines workflow management with process automation, digital orchestration and asset optimization.

Many health care facilities have spent decades using legacy systems without the functionality and efficiency to meet their demands. These obsolete systems can prevent organizations from achieving their goals.

With health care data integration platforms, you can maintain your original legacy systems while modernizing your digital footprint to optimize your digital environment.

Your health care staff must have what they need to perform at their best. eTag Fuse automates clinical processes to boost efficiency and accelerate workflows. With better health care integration systems, you can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Health care facilities must store and protect sensitive information like patient data, electronic health records and insurance details. It’s vital to secure this information against access from unauthorized sources.

You can achieve optimal privacy with eTag Fuse, which manages your sign-on systems and security to create a streamlined approach for data protection. Our health care software integration platform also includes security features like identity access management, multifactor authentication and single sign-on.


Challenges the Health Care Industry Faces

As a part of the health care industry, you must know what common challenges to prepare for:

  • Consistency: Your data should be consistent within your integrated health care system to ensure optimal data quality and care delivery. That’s why you must choose unified user applications.
  • Privacy and security: Compliance and privacy are major concerns in the health care industry. Your software should enforce strict governance, permitting only authorized users to access data.
  • Interoperability: You can prevent data silos and boost interoperability by choosing a single, standardized data format. 
  • Staff: Integrated data helps doctors and nurses deliver a positive patient experience. However, raw data can be difficult for staff members to interpret.

You can solve these issues with reliable and efficient health care integration software from eTag Technologies.

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Experience Seamless Health Care Integration at eTag Technologies

eTag Technologies has an innovative integration platform to serve your health care facility’s needs. Our one-of-a-kind solutions are designed to connect your applications, tools and software in one secure location.

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