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Digital Enablement Platform for Energy

Digital enablement platforms accelerate digital transformation and innovation in business operations. These solutions create environments that allow organizations to better manage digital assets, optimize system functionality and achieve complete digital adoption. 

The industry dynamic in the energy sector has shifted drastically in recent years, putting pressure on oil and gas companies to improve efficiency and returns on investment (ROIs) through operation digitalization. Digital enablement platforms for the energy industry enable these companies to digitally transform their upstream operations and keep up with growing demands.

You can improve digitalization in the energy sector when you invest in the dependable enablement platform from eTag Technologies.

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Digitalization Solutions for the Energy Sector

The energy sector is responsible for exploring, producing, refining, storing and transporting consumable energy sources like gas, oil, coal, petroleum, electricity and renewables to generate energy. This energy plays a crucial role in society, powering everything from cars to heaters to household appliances while also driving significant industrial growth and powering the economy.

When organizations modernize and transform their digital environments, they can boost operational efficiency and minimize risks, helping them thrive and remain competitive in an ever-growing industry. Digital enablement platforms for energy companies provide reliable solutions for the following businesses:

  • Oil and gas: Digitalization platforms enable oil and gas companies to connect supply chains, reduce operating costs, increase system productivity and minimize emissions.
  • Renewable energy: With digital enablement platforms, renewable energy companies can automate plant processes, reduce downtime with predictive maintenance and optimize renewable plant engineering and construction.
  • Electricity/providers: Digital transformation technologies are projected to generate tremendous value for electricity companies, increasing their infrastructure life cycles, creating customer-focused products and optimizing network flows.
  • Solid fuels: Collecting real-time operational data through digitalization in the solid fuels industry means streamlining the discovery of raw materials and increasing efficiency, affordability and sustainability in coal power plants.

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Modernize Your Organization

Many companies within the energy sector use outdated legacy systems that do not exhibit the capabilities needed for their line of work, resulting in reduced performance and efficiency. With digital enablement platforms from eTag, energy companies can keep using their existing systems while modernizing their digital footprint with the following benefits:

The energy industry is constantly changing, requiring companies within this sector to remain agile. Our platform allows businesses to meet demand smoothly and efficiently while minimizing downtime.

Digital transformation in the energy industry can help companies heighten their security measures with features like access management and multifactor authentication, allowing employees to access points of interest without compromising security.

Our platform enables energy companies to modernize their businesses by introducing automation across their organizations, reducing digital complexity and improving operational efficiency.


Trust eTag Fuse® as Your Digital Enablement Platform

You can accelerate energy sector digital transformation with solutions from eTag Technologies. Our Fuse Application Enablement Platform eliminates the complexity of digital environments by providing and orchestrating modernized capabilities for your company’s applications, no matter the origin. With this platform, you can boost performance and maximize development productivity in a fast-paced digital world.

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