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Digital Transformation & Enablement Platform

Businesses are rethinking how they operate and making fundamental strategy changes through digital transformation solutions. Seventy percent of companies already have or are working on implementing digital transformation strategies into their business models.

Digital transformation is the process of digitizing every business aspect to move from transactional systems to systems of engagement. These methods help companies deliver richer, more personalized customer experiences to increase loyalty.

Invest in a dependable platform for digital transformation at eTag Technologies. We’re committed to empowering digital innovation through our cutting-edge solutions, which connect all business applications, software and tools within a single secure environment.

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Build a Framework to Execute Your Organization’s Vision

Introducing digital transformation software means strategically reshaping your business through an advanced technology framework. These digital processes transform data and services into actionable insights to holistically improve operations.

You can expertly execute your unique vision using digital transformation solutions through the following optimization techniques:

Platforms for digital transformation are highly scalable, meaning you can increase or reduce your resources according to your business’s changing needs. You can use digital transformation software to adjust your technologies for high volumes or increased complexity to improve business outcomes.

Digital transformation governance is a framework for establishing roles, decision-making, accountability and change management authority in a business’s digital presence. Governance is crucial to digital business success.

You can continuously integrate your digital enablement platform with other technologies to maximize your capabilities and drive end-to-end transformation.

Digital Transformation & Enablement Platform

Transformative Solutions

At eTag Technologies, we offer a comprehensive line of digital transformation solutions you can use to optimize your application capabilities and accelerate your workflows. The eTag Fuse® application enablement platform is designed to increase development productivity, improve performance and eliminate task repetition to streamline production.

Fuse Feedback and Help Center

The Fuse Feedback and Help Center streamlines the user experience and optimizes platform performance by serving as an integrated feedback loop. This solution offers a self-service framework to drive, route and manage requests, helping users efficiently resolve functional issues. Our Help Center can accept and fulfill service desk submissions, optimize data collection, implement surveys and ultimately facilitate communication with users.


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Fuse UX Hub

The Fuse UX Hub allows users to experience a personalized, unified view of your company’s data and applications to simplify and streamline their work environments. This solution facilitates disparate system integration by granting access to all internal and external web applications and data, no matter the location. With Fuse UX Hub, you can minimize time spent searching for information and enjoy engaging in productive business endeavors.

Process Automation

You can automate your enterprise through Fuse Process Automation by building a flexible and intuitive process design interface. Our RPA solution allows pipeline process execution by users, digital users or software robots, enabling companies to reduce environment complexity and leverage efficient enterprise automation.

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For powerful and intuitive digital transformation software, you can rely on eTag Technologies. We spent over 10 years developing better web-based software to help businesses maximize digital innovation.

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