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Fuse Feedback and Help Center 

The Fuse application enablement platform is a powerful technology, and the Feedback and Help Center is an integrated solution that ensures a streamlined user experience. With the ability to collect information and facilitate communication with users, the Feedback and Help Center optimizes platform performance, so users can stay productive and any functional issues can be addressed as soon as they arise.

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What Does It Do?

The Fuse Feedback and Help Center is a universal help center for addressing technical and functional issues while building workflows and queues for efficient solutions. This integrated help desk software makes it possible for your team to address problems the moment they start, collect information and facilitate communication with the appropriate teams for a streamlined workflow. 

The Fuse Feedback and Help Center acts as a central contact point for any potential concerns. Once a user enters a request, you can build complex workflows to route the user to the best resource or professional for a resolution. Whether a customer needs a new laptop or application support, the Feedback and Help Center promotes service delivery across your enterprise. 

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Fuse Feedback and Help Center 

With the Feedback and Help Center, you can:

  • Respond to issues when they happen.
  • Collect information about similar functional issues to address the root cause.
  • Build a comprehensive knowledge base for troubleshooting.
  • Communicate with your team to ensure a seamless workflow.
  • Gauge platform performance with user feedback. 

With an ongoing feedback loop, you can ensure you’re getting the most from the Fuse platform as workflows shift and technologies change.

How It Works 

As a solution within the Fuse application integration platform, the Feedback and Help Center gives organizations the tools they need to make the platform work for them. From creating self-service forms to managing self-service requests, the Feedback and Help Center is your resource for solving problems and keeping your team productive.

Fuse’s internal help desk software allows you to:

  • Create self-service forms for intake.
  • Accept and fulfill service desk submissions.
  • Drive, direct and manage all special requests.
  • Introduce surveys and other intake forms.
  • Communicate with your users’ requests.
  • Configure workflows to trigger notifications.
  • Apply alerts through email and text.
  • Receive and view attached files.


The Benefits of an Internal Help Desk 

Internal help desk software is beneficial to your company, regardless of your goals or size. With Fuse’s internal feedback and help desk platform, your company can:

Internal help desk software ensures your team is receiving timely support for their most pressing needs. A help desk can also compile issues in a particular area to alert your team to a root cause that needs fixing.

With several resources within a single platform, your company can create a clear workflow for functional issues and conserve resources when problems arise.

As problems arise, you can build out your knowledge database to better resolve issues in the future. Expand your knowledge base with helpful guides, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and more to save time and keep your entire team informed.


Transform Your Digital Platform Today 

The Feedback and Help Center optimizes the user experience within Fuse to ensure users are productive and engaged. With various internal help desk solutions, your organization can build your knowledge library and support your team’s workflow as technologies change. Request a demo today to experience the many valuable features of the Fuse Feedback and Help Center.

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