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Fuse Application Enablement Platform

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Our software was made to accelerate adoption of technology, the leading cause of failed digital transformation initiatives.

For the business: Provide employees and partners with a highly personalized view of everything they need to do their job.

For IT: Onboard tech and people, provide and revoke access, gain deep visibility into usage, and allow junior level developers the ability to create senior level integrations and automations, through a single pane of glass fast-paced digital world.



Fuse Benefits 

Fuse enables an optimized digital workplace environment with:

  • Integration: Fuse takes every business application, regardless of its source, and integrates it into a single, user-friendly platform. 
  • Agility: Between legacy, cloud, on-premise and SaaS applications, modern businesses have a wide range of application management needs. With all apps integrated into a single platform, your business can quickly adapt to new technologies and manage existing ones.
  • Personalization: Customize your view to make applications accessible according to your workflow
  • Scalability: Fuse can operate across an entire organization or for a specific business purpose. This flexibility allows you to scale the platform as needed.
  • Functionality: The platform recognizes all the functional requirements necessary for applications, like security, audit and logging, to simplify the process for developers.

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Why Choose Fuse? 

Modern organizations face growing digital landscapes of applications, systems and data. Finding and managing this information becomes challenging in these layered environments. Fuse is a solution to the complexity. Using this application integration platform in your digital landscape can:

With applications based in various locations with different functional requirements, team members may face more downtime trying to access programs for their workflow. Fuse simplifies the environment, so users can quickly access integrated software applications and follow through with business tasks throughout the day.

A lack of accessibility can make it challenging for teams to connect to their work and goals. With Fuse, users can dedicate themselves to their work and support your organization’s mission.

Smoother workflows can support collaboration within your team and exemplify your dedication to ease in the workplace. These factors can elevate your company’s culture and create a more functional organization.


Our Solutions

Fuse offers various solutions to integrate your business applications with your workflow and ensure ease as your organization grows. These integrated solutions support productivity across departments while saving your company’s resources. Fuse solutions include:

  • Fuse UX HubThe user experience (UX) Hub allows users to personalize their views of available applications to simplify and optimize their work environments. Through this solution, users can access all internal and external web applications, whether SaaS, cloud or on-premise. Streamline entry with a unified login for every user.
  • Fuse Process Automation: Every member of your organization can experience automation and an intuitive design interface with RPA. This solution simplifies the digital environment and allows you to build pipelines for complete automation.
  • Fuse Feedback & Help CenterOur Help Center offers an integrated feedback loop to keep your platform functional and efficient. This solution offers many valuable features like service desk submissions and notification capabilities. 

With these solutions working together with Fuse, organizations can transform their digital ecosystem, enhance digital experience and orchestration, and streamline workflow management.



Problems We Solve

Fuse and its solutions solve many challenges businesses face. Through this platform, your organization can address challenges in areas of security, UX/UI, integration and scalability.

Keeping data safe is paramount for companies regardless of industry. Fuse has integrated security features, like a single point of access for all of their digital assets, to safeguard data.

Fuse streamlines the User Experience (UX) by providing users a single pane of glass (SPOG) view of all of the digital assets they need to do their job.

Keep all of your applications in a single location and easily integrate digital assets, whether they’re cloud, SaaS or legacy.

Expand Fuse alongside your needs. Even as you move legacy applications to the cloud or SaaS, Fuse can handle the shifts.


Transform Your Digital Platform Today

Fuse streamlines your digital ecosystem, so your company stays agile for the long term. With a user-friendly dashboard, automation control and an integrated feedback loop, digital orchestration is within reach. Request a demo of Fuse today to experience complete application integration.

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