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The Process

How It Works

eTag Fuse puts a box full of capabilities over everything it touches, allowing those digital assets to use them as needed. Digital Innovators are now able to wrap digital assets with capabilities that they lack, build new capabilities, and control how they’re being used. For example, if the business needs an application to have multi-factor authentication (MFA), Single-Sign-On, reporting, or other, you’re able to quickly apply that capability to it.

Additionally, Fuse can control who has access to what, this comes in handy especially if your organization is taking a hybrid (on-prem and in-cloud) or multi-cloud approach. If you need to grant access to data or applications to a vendor, partner, customer, or an employee, you’re quickly able to do that with no code, messing with several systems, or worries required.

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Step 1 – Define Success

We will start by interviewing your team, starting with the leaders. We will map out how the eTag Fuse Platform can operationalize your team’s digital assets at your company.


Step 2 – Fuse The Technology

Install the platform, deliver training, and quickly enable your team to get up and running with a single pane of glass view of everything they need to do their job.


Step 3 – Scale Out and Up

Add more Fuse Platform capabilities, create deeper integrations, automate more processes, and onboard more teams.


Step 4 – Measure Impact and Consolidate

Measure adoption and usage of all the integrated systems, create strategies to eliminate parts of the tech stack that aren’t needed or aren’t used.

“As part of its strategic growth plan, Covanta was looking to expand into complementary new businesses including Intermodal waste transportation, metals processing, and ash processing. The eTag Fuse platform provided a common digital platform which created the business process automation and technology to support those three new business verticals.”

Former CIO

Covanta Co

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Who We Are

Empowering Digital Innovation

Founded in 2009, eTag Technologies started building frameworks to help developers create integrated applications for the browser faster, better, and more securely.

Since then, eTag has evolved into a company focused on empowering digital innovation, not only building the frameworks for integration, but an entire platform dedicated to helping customers integrate and operationalize use of all their digital assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fuse Support SSO?

Is My Information Secure?

How Do I Add An App on the Ux Hub?

What Is The Difference Between The UX Hub and Okta? Why Choose Fuse?

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Fuse supports SSO from two perspectives. Since Fuse offers federation, it inherently behaves as both a Service Provider and an Identity Provider. Each configuration supports industry standard protocols such as SAML or OIDC to integrate to almost any Identity Provider or Service provider the like. Once you authenticate via one of the Identity Providers configured for Fuse, you can access the integrated applications (Service Providers) for which you are authorized. Since the applications are configured to depend on Fuse to tell them who (which user) is attempting access, there is no secondary authentication or credentials entered again. This is essentially how the Single Sign-On experience is created.

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There are many components that need attention when architecting a secure environment. Fuse can play a large role when it comes to securing access to your assets with its controls for authentication and authorization. However, it does not stand alone in this effort. The scope ranges from the network to servers to the operating systems and beyond. Each application you integrate will need careful consideration for the protection of the data or assets they host.

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UX Hubs

Fuse provides simple self-service interfacing to incorporate applications into your implementation. Each application serves as a top-level configuration that can apply to numerous pages (URLs) specified for the application. There is a great deal of flexibility and options available to configure. It starts with specifying basic metadata and other key attributes such as session or page logging. For security, the Single Sign-On configuration is managed as well as authorization to access the application and its contained pages.

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Why Choose Fuse?

Okta and Fuse offer some overlapping capabilities for both Identity Management as well as the portal concept. However, they are very different once you look a little further you may find you need both. Okta is a leader in the Identity Management space. Fuse integrates with Identity platforms like Okta for authentication needs. While Fuse also offers Identity Management, it excels in federating capabilities and enables flexible security control deep into the integrated application. The Fuse UX Hub is a comprehensive approach to creating a personalized portal experience, way beyond shortcuts to the application for which you have access. Choosing between them really depends on your objectives and you may find a need for both!

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