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Why do you need an integration strategy?

Organizations have many sources of acquiring new systems and applications to automate or improve a business process. Whether it’s a licensed product or a custom-made application, they rely on them heavily to conduct daily operations and fulfill a growing demand for shared information, processes and functionality. The existence of legacy applications further complicates the situation. Over time, these disparate systems and applications accumulate resulting in a disorganized and unmanageable application environment making it difficult for the organization to maintain business agility.

To regain control, organizations need to adopt an efficient approach for managing, developing, and distributing their collection of applications. They need a reliable method to enable interoperability between systems, data sources, and devices.

An integration strategy may be a critical initiative that your business is missing if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

Is your organization facing changes in competition?

Are you creating or modifying your product or service offerings?

Do you anticipate any geographical growth, merger and acquisitions, or new partnerships?

Do your business processes rely on related information from disparate systems?

Do you have or are you developing any custom applications?

Have you or are you planning to purchase any software solutions for your organization?

Is information shared between your organization and vendors, suppliers, or customers?


The eTag Fuse platform facilitates interoperability with systems, data, devices or the IoT (Internet of Things). This extensible platform enables the rapid development complex integrated solutions that streamline your business. Integration coexists at the UI level for the unification of discrete applications into a single user interface. This consolidation empowers you to organize your application portfolio and centralize its management.


Integration at the UI level simplifies accessibility to the information users' need, when they need it.


Development is focused on the business needs by leveraging the platform's "non-functional" requirements.


Interconnectivity can be established with almost any system, data source, or hardware device via a variety of protocols.


Customize business logic to perform scheduled or event triggered operations, transformations, and workflows.


Organize, unify, and manage the lifecycles, security, metadata, and metrics of your web applications.


Technology integration is not just a product solution but a service solution.

Can your organization orchestrate a solution without outside help?

A strategic integration model combines various approaches, best practices, techniques, technologies and methodologies to help solves today’s integration problems. eTag Technologies has invested extensive research and development into its eTag Fuse platform so an optimal integration solution can be implemented easily and quickly.

Below is an overview of our specialized services for a seamless and secure business-process integration and optimization utilizing our eTag Fuse platform.

Discovery and Business Analysis

We engage with key stakeholders to discover and fully understand the problem, challenges, impact, and goals of the business.

Solution Architecture and Design

Here we go above and beyond just solving the problem. We perform a thorough evaluation and analysis of the information gathered during the discovery phase. We identify the unknowns and advise accordingly. Your solution is then architected and designed to satisfy the business requirements and allow for scaling and adaptation as your business evolves.


In this phase, we execute on the implementation of the design to deliver a successful solution. This includes QA and UAT testing prior to the project go-live in your production environment.

Business Needs and Processes Change.

Our solution enhancement team is equipped to listen and develop a plan.

The process to perform enhancements and modifications follows that of our solution delivery services. Key stakeholders are engaged to identify the specific needs or changes to business processes. A plan is generated and executed to keep your solution in sync with your evolving business.


We recognize your business relies on the tools it uses to operate and we take customer support very seriously. To ensure you maintain business continuity with your eTag Fuse solution, we offer support services to be there when issues arise.


We are continuously working to improve both performance and functionality with our technology and platform. This includes incorporating customer requests and keeping up with advancements in the underlying technologies we use. With our support and maintenance services, you receive these enhancements when they are released.


Applying the platform to industry solutions may offer a better understanding of how we can help your company with its integration needs. Below are two distinct solutions built using the eTag Fuse platform. They leverage the core functionality of the platform and are available to be configured and implemented for your organization.


Supply Chain Solutions

Intermodal Container Management

Web Application Integrator

Web Application Manager and Portal



Founded in 2009, eTag Technologies' mission is to provide innovative EI (enterprise integration) solutions for organizations planning, modernizing, consolidating and coordinating efforts to proactively manage their critical enterprise computer systems.

Our team is dedicated and passionate about creating products and technologies that make integration simple. Our strengths in product development, custom software solutions, engineering, network architecture, business process, project management, and IT services make us the necessary choice for your enterprise integration strategy.

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